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Products will be available January 2020!

Important Dates

Coming January 2020

Product Launch

Consumer Electronics Show 2019, Las Vegas

Coming January 2020


30-day Crowdsourcing Campaign period, pre-orders accepted

Coming March 2020

Pre-order target delivery

Product shipment for all crowdsource supporters

Coming Fall 2020

General Product Availability

Purchase through authorized resellers and distribution channel program

Interested in becoming a Beta Customer?

Remodeling soon? Do you want your organization to have state of the art equipment as soon as it exits the development stage?

Advantages of becoming a beta customer: substantial discount on the equipment. Your feedback will be required to improve our products and services.

Please click the link below. Our automated system will send you a brief survey to qualify you for our next round of Beta testing which is expected to start in January 2020.

If you prefer to have direct communication, please send an email to

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