Our Workspace Fitness® Solution

In September 2020, we launched a line of products that integrates the Workspace Fitness® concept. Our goal is to encourage a healthier lifestyle within the office, through our Smart Standing Desk and Smart Under Desk Bike. Our Workspace Fitness products stimulate the body and mind, turning office hours from passive downtime into a total body experience. Optimize time spent behind the Ergonomyx Smart Standing Desk by alternating between sitting and standing, or add movement to your lifestyle using our Under Desk Bike. You can also use the Ergonomyx App to monitor how much time you spend sitting/standing, or to track calories burned while using our bike. Our app even has leaderboards to add some competitive fun to your workspace exercise!

Smart Sit Stand Desk

An ergonomically designed workstation that connects to your phone and automatically adjusts to your optimal height.

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Smart Under Desk Bike

A cardio solution powerd by your self-generated energy. Track your calories, distance pedalled, and speed by connecting to your phone.

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Discover Our App

Experience real-time fitness tracking by pairing toany Ergonomyx Workspace Fitness Device.

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