Top 5 Tips to Working from Home

Top 5 Tips to Working from Home

Top 5 Tips to Working from Home

March 24th, 2020

With more recent news updates regarding COVID-19, working from home is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. We understand that staying motivated and productive during this time may seem like a daunting task. That’s why we at Ergonomyx wanted to share our top tips for staying on track while working from home:

  1. Create a morning routine: We would highly recommend creating a stable morning routine. Wake up at the usual time you would for work, make yourself a coffee and hearty breakfast, and set up at your workstation. We would suggest taking some time in the morning to plan out your daily tasks and set some goals for yourself to accomplish during the day. By writing these down in the morning, it will help keep you accountable and on track throughout the rest of your work day.

  2. Maintain regular hours: Wake up at the usual time you would for work and once you are set up at your home office station, try to keep your hours as normal as possible. If you normally take a break at 10am and have your lunch at 12pm, try to stay consistent and do the same from your home office. Keeping a routine is key to boosting productivity!

  3. Schedule frequent breaks: Make sure to still take time to sit, stand, and move throughout the day. If you feel unmotivated, get some fresh air and take a walk around the block; if you’re feeling hungry, grab yourself a snack and enjoy it at your desk! It is important to maintain a healthy balance throughout the day.

  4. Keep an allocated office space: For some, working from home can mean working from bed. We would suggest avoiding this, as working from one’s bed can foster unproductivity. Instead, we would recommend setting up a designated workstation that is free from distractions. Feel free to set up your monitor, laptop, and any other devices you think would be beneficial. In order to increase productivity, investing in a standing desk for your home office could be the way to go. Our sit-and-stand desk is available in multiple sizes, making it a great addition to any sized workspace.

  5. Focus on communication: Quite often, working in an office environment can foster team morale and collaboration. You may feel that you lack this when working from home. Remember to prioritize communication with your colleagues during this time. We would recommend setting daily to weekly skype or zoom meetings with coworkers to help everyone stay up to date on the company's overall goals and accomplishments throughout the week. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask questions or get clarification on specific tasks you have been assigned. Remember that even though you are working from home, your company brand message remains intact.

Above all else, find out what works best for you! Although we do not know how long we will end up working from home, it is important to establish a space and routine that feels the most productive for you. Try to make the most of your time working in a new environment, because we could be back in the office before we know it! To learn about how we can help you stay in shape and be productive during this difficult time, check out our products at

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