5 Secrets to Improving Posture

5 Secrets to Improving Posture

5 Secrets to Improving Posture

March 10th, 2020

In an era of growing technological advancements, more and more of us adopt bad posture from the use of laptops, phones, and other everyday devices. Thankfully, bad posture is just a bad habit that develops over time and can be broken. Here are our 5 top secrets to improving overall posture:

1. Stretch daily: Allowing your body to move and rest everyday is imperative in order to improve your posture. Try to incorporate at least 20 minutes of stretching into your daily routine. Ideally this would be right before bed to allow your muscles to release tension accumulated throughout the day.

2. Set reminders: No more slouching! Sometimes it’s super easy to fall back into old habits and find yourself hunched over when you don’t even realize. To battle this, we recommend setting daily reminders that can prompt you to sit up and realign throughout your work day.

3. Exercise: Exercising regularly and keeping in good overall health can make a remarkable difference in your overall posture. While working out, remember to incorporate specific exercises that strengthen the muscles that support your spine and neck. Some exercises that can help this include:

  • Plank
  • Squats
  • Chest stretches

Our Under-the-Desk Bike also helps busy individuals incorporate exercise into their everyday lives by integrating workspace fitness through both working and staying active at the same time.

4. Get enough rest: We often forget the importance that sleep has on our overall health. Now, posture improvement isn’t just about how many hours of rest you get. Quality of your sleep can play a huge role. In order to optimize your sleep, we’d recommend:

  • Sleep in a position that maintains the natural curve in your back. This could be lying on your back with a pillow under your knees. We would avoid sleeping on your stomach if you have a very soft mattress.
  • Invest in a firm mattress and box spring set.
  • Invest in a supportive pillow.

5. Invest in the proper office equipment: Having a desk or chair that doesn’t match your unique requirements can be detrimental to proper posture. Since everyone is different we would recommend investing in an ergonomic standing desk where you can preset personalized heights and routines. Our Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk allows you to create personalized routines that match your specific requirements. Our standing desk also offers the ability to track your time sitting vs. standing vs. moving through our mobile application, which helps keep you accountable on your road to better posture.

Poor posture is a very common problem faced by the majority of people working an office job. It’s incredibly easy to forget about when you’re focused on your work. The key to improving posture lies in reminding yourself daily to stretch, exercise, rest, and adjust when you notice it slipping. Spend enough time working on this, and before you know it, good posture will be your new daily habit!

To learn more about our Sit-and-Stand Desk, as well as some of our other products, click here.

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