Another Small Business Helping Their Employees Thrive!

Another Small Business Helping Their Employees Thrive!

Another Small Business Helping Their Employees Thrive!

May 3rd, 2021

As a small Canadian company, we like to support other small Canadian companies. That’s why we want to introduce you to Iskwew Air.

Iskwew Air (pronounced ISS-KWAY-YO, a word that means “woman” in Cree) is the first Canadian airline founded and owned by an Indigenous woman. They are dedicated to helping others in their community, and create an indigenous and women-led narrative about transportation, in a way that connects people to each other, and to the land.

Their dedication is clear from the activity that the company has been involved with. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Iskwew Air has launched AirLIFT to transport care packages to Indigenous communities in need. They’re also dedicated to helping people kickstart their careers in aviation. We think it’s super important, especially for small, community-oriented businesses, to give back to their communities - check out our blog post on the subject! Needless to say, we find Iskwew Air’s commitment to their own community to be admirable.

Iskwew Air has also voiced a commitment to carbon neutrality - which means that for all the carbon emissions they create, they want to mitigate by giving back just as much to the earth. Environmental practises are important to us as well, and it’s exciting to see other small companies take such important steps in that direction.

And it isn’t just community-oriented values and environmental practices that we share, but a desire to make working comfortable so employees can thrive.

That’s why Iskwew Air recently purchased enough Smart Sit-and-Stand Desks and Smart Under-the-Desk Bikes to furnish their office. We had the chance to ask Teara Fraser, the founder and Lead Executive Officer of Iskwew Air, some questions about what led them to purchasing our Workspace Fitness products. Here’s what she had to say!

Q: What made Iskwew Air start looking for Workspace Fitness products like ours?

TF: In the last year, we have spent too much time sitting at our desks - we needed to be able to stand, stretch, and get moving.

Q: How did Iskwew Air hear about us?

TF: We are always looking to collaborate with other innovators so we started our search, and found Ergonomyx online.

Q: What was it about Ergonomyx that appealed to you?

TF: I love supporting local innovative ventures!

Q: How do you find the products, now that you have them?

TF: I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Ergonomyx new desks and new under desk bike! The ergonomic bamboo tabletop looks so good!

We loved seeing how they fit into the Iskwew Air office! Check out their post about their office makeover.

We are very pleased to be helping Iskwew Air in their mission to uplift their community and their employees, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish with their new smart office!

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