How to structure your workday routine

How to structure your workday routine

How to structure your workday routine

May 20th, 2020

Here’s another habit to help boost productivity that many don't know about: Routine! Creating a structured work schedule has been proven to help with efficiency and productivity. Here are our top tips on how to organize your workday routine:

  1. Structure your day based on a strict timeline: Have a start and an end time for your work day and try to stick to this time-frame throughout the week. Since everyone is different, find the most productive period for you. Whether that is morning, afternoons, or evenings, create a schedule and eventually that will transform into a routine you can stick with.

  2. Plan your workday in advance: Before clocking in, we would recommend creating a checklist of goals and tasks for the day ahead. Group similar tasks together and prioritize them based on importance. By doing this daily you will be able to create an efficient routine that can maximize productivity.

  3. Check your email at designated times: It is quite common to want to check your emails first thing in the morning, but this can create a habit of having others dictate your priorities for you. Instead, pencil in designated times to check and respond to emails throughout the day. This should be done after creating your checklist. For example, pencilling in 11am, 2pm, and 4pm for the time periods you will respond to messages helps create structure in your workday.

  4. Juggle between tasks: Sometimes, doing the same type of tasks can feel monotonous and lead to lacklustre results. In order to avoid this, the Ergonomyx team would recommend rotating between different types of tasks in order to keep your mind stimulated and your work efficient.

  5. Set a sit-stand-move routine: This step involves the investment of a standing desk, but if you have this at your home office it can be a great addition to structuring your workday routine. Our Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk and Smart Under-the-Desk Bike both connect via wireless to our mobile application, where you can set preferences and routines to keep your day as structured and productive as possible. For example, if you hope to sit for 1 hour and stand for 30 minutes repeatedly throughout your workday, the Ergonomyx app is designed to take the hassle out of remembering your routine and will automatically adjust to your preset heights.

Everybody loves a productive work day. It’s satisfying, and can set you apart from the rest. The key is in finding a healthy balance and routine that works for you. While this looks different for anyone, following our five suggestions is a great start!

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