Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Home Office

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Home Office

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Home Office

June 10th, 2021

When you work from home, keeping your home office workable is essential to getting things done. Your space may be limited, but if you get creative and practical, you can make it the perfect place to work. Here are our 5 tips for home office success:

1. Find Storage Solutions

Without having a place for everything in your office, things pile up on your desk and become hard to find. Use floating shelves to get clutter off your desk, such as pen holders, computer speakers and other items. Use a filing cabinet to store paperwork and invest in any other storage solutions to ensure you stay organized.

2. Get Ergonomic

Sitting for hours on end isn't healthy, but one of the reasons for this is the postural stress most work desks cause. Ergonomic desks and chairs are designed with your alignment in mind, whereas the traditional ones are known to put strain on the back and shoulders. Using our under desk bike, you can keep your legs moving while you work at your desk to keep your muscles active and avoid postural stress. Our smart desk is easy to adjust to the perfect height even while sitting at it, and its minimalist design makes it perfect for a home office.

3. Keep it Minimalist

A challenge for many with working from home is the omnipresence of tantalizing distractions. Enter, the minimalist home office. Include only the furniture you need, as well as items that are work-related. Keeping your office separate from your hobbies and family life can go a long way in achieving work-life balance.

4. Set the Vibe

Keeping it minimalist doesn't mean being austere. The way your office looks will undoubtedly affect the way you feel. Being able to design your office in your own style is one of the benefits of working from home. Whether it means repainting the walls with a new color, putting up artwork or bringing in an array of house plants, set the vibe that makes you feel inspired but relaxed.

5. Organize Your Tech

Device cords and chargers can result in a tangled mess that hangs from your desk. They take up space but are deceptively hard to find when you need them. If your desk doesn't have a grommet you can use to lead wires neatly under your desk, you can buy a cord tamer. This is a simple tool that gathers loose wires together and helps you label what they go to. The Perfect Place to Work

Tailoring your home office to optimize organization and minimize distraction is key for both work efficiency and balancing work with the rest of life. Besides having a paper filing system in place, organizing your technology and keeping your furniture minimalist can optimize your office for workability.

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