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Software and Cloud Environment Services

ergonomyx cloud on multiple devices

The data collected by our Workspace Fitness products namely our Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk or by our Smart Under-the-Desk bike can be shared among  devices within the ecosystem. Once the user is identified by the Smart Desk Controller, data is transmitted to our cloud environment services to keep track of the user's performance while operating our devices. Pairing with a smartphone, allows the user to control the device's settings. The use of our Dedicated basic Software and Cloud Environment Services is free of charge.

Secure Anonymous Data

All performance and health data records are stored on our servers anonymously and Users are identified with a number. Users have the option to share their data through the use of an encrypted, correlated list of names and numbers stored on a seperate server. All performance and health data records stored in our servers are anonymous.

Cloud Security
Ergonomyx App - Compatible on both iOS and Android

App Compatible

both iOS & Android.

Control both your desk and your bike from your smartphone. Add your friends and compare what routines work best !

Workspace Fitness Tracking

in real time

Keep track of your progress, calories, and other detailed statistics with real-time updates.

Ergonomyx App - Fitness Tracking in Real Time