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Smart Sit Stand Desk

Smart Sit Stand Desk

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  • Integrated iOS and Android app
  • 100% premium bamboo desktop
  • Touch sensor or phone adjustment

Tabletop Specs


Ergonomic: 62x25 Inches

Rectangular Large: 60x30 Inches

Rectangular Medium: 48x30 Inches

Tabletop Colors



Leg Colors



Tabletop Material



Ergonomic: 44lbs / 20kg

Rectangular Large: 53.6lbs / 24.4kg

Rectangular Medium: 34.4lbs / 15.4kg

Technical Specs

Power Input 100 - 240V AC

Load Capacity 0kg | 154lbs

Noise < 50 dB

Processor Dual Core BLE/Wifi Enabled Microcontroller

Height Range 29"-49.5"

Lift Speed 25mm/s

Stroke 500mm

Returns / Warranty

Return Policy

We accept returns up to 30 days after the product was delivered. Please contact to initiate a return. We will issue a full refund to Ecommerce orders minus the return shipping cost upon receipt and inspection of the returned item at our office in Victoria.


All of our desks (and bikes) are protected by a 2-year warranty.


Can you mount a monitor arm?

Yes! Our desktops are made from real bamboo using a special pattern to provide maximum strength, so screwing or clamping a monitor arm would not be an issue. They also have a UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating which would protect against any scratches a monitor arm might cause. Single or Dual Monitor arms are also available for purchase from Ergonomyx!

What are the dimensions of the different sizes of desks?Ergonomic

62x25 Inches


60x30 Inches


48x30 Inches

The leg frames and cables for my desk have arrived, but the tabletop is missing?

Although they are shipped together, sometimes there is a lag in the arrival of the tabletop. Rest assured that it will arrive in a matter of a few days.

How do you protect against unintended height adjustments?

You can temporarily disable gesture and touch controls using our “locking” function to prevent unintended height adjustments. The locking feature is enabled or disabled by touching both the up and down sensors at the same time until a vibration is sensed.

Have a different question? Please refer to our FAQ page or contact us at

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The key isn't standing... it's motion.

Once the novelty wears off, most standing desk users end up sitting all day. Studies show that alternating between sitting and standing is optimal for health and focus.

That's why we offer a data driven solution; because measuring activity is the best way to take create the outcome you want. Track your time spent sitting and standing. Create routines to find your perfect balance. Connected fitness devices give you the best tools available to take full control of your workday health - feeling and performing better than ever.

Build healthy habits with ease.

The Ergonomyx app for iOS and Android integrates with the bike+desk, providing control, reminders, and leaderboards and challenges that will keep you motivated and moving.

Sleek, sustainable, and durable.

All Ergonomyx desktops are made from 100% bamboo - one of the fastest growing, most sustainable woods on the planet. It also makes for a durable, premium-feeling desktop.

A desk that moves with you

Most standing desks don't get moved much after a few weeks - so the Ergonomyx Smart Sit-Stand Desk was designed to remove all the friction. Just use the touch panel to raise and lower it at any time.

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For additional information regarding Desk & Bike assembly and usage, view additional resources here.