Work/Exercise Balance: Why It’s Important, and How to Achieve It

Work/Exercise Balance: Why It’s Important, and How to Achieve It

Work/Exercise Balance: Why It’s Important, and How to Achieve It

May 11th, 2022

At Ergonomyx, we care a lot about fitness and work. They can be hard to balance in day-to-day life. It’s important to find a way to keep your body moving throughout your week, without letting your work suffer for it, and it’s important to put in your best at work without letting it interfere with keeping your body healthy and active!

We’ve written a great deal on this subject, so we have plenty of ideas about how to combine good work and good health. Check out the resources below, and hopefully get some inspiration for how to make your lifestyle healthier, even with sedentary desk work!

Why You Don’t See a Moving Workspace As Important - And Why You’re Wrong.

The problem is that our world is built for sitting. It can be hard to keep yourself moving when your eight hours at work are spent sitting in the same position, and then your off-time is spent sitting as well. But the secret to staying active could be those eight hours spent at work.

Top 5 Tips For the Perfect Home Office.

When you work from home, keeping your home office workable is essential to getting things done.

Text Neck Remedies You Can Do At Your Desk.

Working long hours at a desk is necessary for most of us, but it comes with the risk for posture problems. The unnatural postures we hold at our desks can build up and lead to inflammation, pain and muscle strain.

Benefits of Working Outside.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you've got to do more than just eat salads and exercise - you've got to counteract the effects of a sedentary environment.

Balancing Fitness, Work, and Office Distractions.

People can get fatigue and exhaustion from not going to more than one place during the day, and experience reduced energy and motivation to exercise.

Exercise: The Secret to a Productive Lifestyle.

Exercise has been repeatedly proven to offer many different benefits. Today we’re going to explore how exercise can benefit daily productivity.

How to Prevent Back Pain at Work.

If you struggle with occupational back pain, don’t worry. We've brainstormed some preventative tactics you can use in order to limit and even prevent back pain at work.

Exercise and Heart Disease.

Sedentary behavior is easily fixable. What’s important is how consistent you are as well as your willingness to improve.

The Importance of Moving as a Natural Part of the Workday.

Our bodies are made for movement. Unfortunately, the sedentary life that many office workers have adopted affects their health regardless of how much they eat or how much they exercise.

Good News for all the People who want to Optimize Their Hours and Days Behind the Desk.

Read the following study about the effects of under-desk pedaling while working.

5 Steps to Bring Workspace Fitness Into Your Office.

Working at a desk is a common practice in most countries. But sitting all-day from 9 to 5 can be a burden on your health.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Using the Workspace Fitness Devices.

Studies that confirm that the use of Workspace Fitness Devices are beneficial for people who spend hours and days working behind the desk and want to improve their health.

Top 3 Undervalued Benefits of Working out with a Team.

Studies show that you are less likely to fall short of your fitness goals when doing it with a partner or a team.

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